Oliver Matthias Probst Oleszewski

Oliver Probst

Oliver Probst was born in Hannover, Germany, where he also studied undergraduate physics. He got his diploma degree in Physics from Heidelberg University in 1990 and his Ph.D. in natural sciences (experimental physics) in 1994. Since 1996 he is a professor of physics at Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Monterrey campus. From 1999 to 2006 he served as the Department Chair. Oliver Probst has been involved in Renewable Energy projects and teaching activities since 1997, leading among other things ITESM’s biodiesel iniciative. Since 2000 he has been involved in wind energy projects, conducting a series of wind resource assessment studies for wind farm projects in Mexico and the US, including the project “Peñascal”, a 200MW wind farm at the Texas gulf coast currently under construction. Oliver Probst is currently advisor to a portfolio of wind farm projects with an identified potential of several hundred megawatts. Apart from wind resource studies Dr. Probst leads ITESM’s efforts in small wind turbine technology and structural dynamics of wind turbine blades through the Research Chair for Wind Energy. The Research Chair also collaborates with the spin-off company Aeroluz, a Mexican small wind turbine manufacturer.


Contact Information:

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Departamento de Física
E. Garza Sada 2501
Monterrey, MX 64849

Office: (+52) 818 358 2000 -> 4631

Email: oprobst@itesm.mx