Program objectives and activities
  1. Demonstration of small-scale biodiesel production using Waste Vegetable Oil
  1. Quality control
  1. Reaction Kinetics
  1. Tests on passenger vehicle using biodiesel blends
  1. Peak.shaving generations using Biodiesel
  1. Jatropha Curcas L. as an energy crop
  1. Perspectives of large-scale biodiesel production in Mexico
  1. Emissions

Biodiesel group















Quality control

Currently, no biodiesel Standard exist in Mexico. Therefore, our quality control is based on a combination of the US Santandar ASTM D6584 and the German norm DIN V 51606.

Selection of relevant quality control parameters of a representative batch of biodiesel produced at the pilot plant, as compared to the European, the German and the US standard.


Unreacted and partially reacted vegetable oil is detected using gas chromatography; other rutinay quality control parameters include viscosity (As determinend by Oswald Viscosimeters), density, acid value, water & sediment among others. Other parameters which are not critically related to plant operation, such as, heating value, cetane number, and flash point, are determined in external labs.

Gas chromatograph