Program objectives and activities
  1. Demonstration of small-scale biodiesel production using Waste Vegetable Oil
  1. Quality control
  1. Reaction Kinetics
  1. Tests on passenger vehicle using biodiesel blends
  1. Peak.shaving generations using Biodiesel
  1. Jatropha Curcas L. as an energy crop
  1. Perspectives of large-scale biodiesel production in Mexico
  1. Emissions

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Reaction Kinetics

Reaction Kinetics was studied for beef tallow transesterification at different reaction temperatures. Both, the methyl esters an the tri-, di-, and mono-glycerides were analyzed using gas chromatography.

Most of reaction was found to occur during the first 5 to 10 minutes, although up to 100 minutes are requiere to complete the reaction

Behavior of five Methyl esters in the transesterification of beef tallow at 70°C reaction temperature (100% excess methanol and 0.6% NaOH catalyst).

The study of tallow beef is more complex than vegetable oil transesterification due to its solid nature and its high viscosity at the studied reaction temperatures. In addition to the biodiesel and glycerin phase, a colloidal phase was obtained during the reaction. Further experiments found that this colloidal phase can be turned into methylesters.

Chromatogram of beef tallow biodiesel for 70°C reaction temperature after 1 minute of reaction time.

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