Program objectives and activities
  1. Demonstration of small-scale biodiesel production using Waste Vegetable Oil
  1. Quality control
  1. Reaction Kinetics
  1. Tests on passenger vehicle using biodiesel blends
  1. Peak-shaving generations using Biodiesel
  1. Jatropha Curcas L. as an energy crop
  1. Perspectives of large-scale biodiesel production in Mexico
  1. Emissions

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Peak-shaving generations using Biodiesel

The objective of this study was to demonstrate that electricity generation during peak hours using an existing emergency diesel generator is an option for a reduction of the electricity bill. Moreover, we wanted to show that biodiesel blends can be safely used with similar performance. Additionally, we performed an economic assessment of a new emergency generating plant to be built at Tecnológico de Monterrey business school.

We successfully demonstrated peak-shaving generation using both conventional diesel fuel and biodiesel where the specific consumption in terms of kWh/liter was found to be identical for both fuels.

The new project was found to be economically viable for an existing generator.