Program objectives and activities
  1. Demonstration of small-scale biodiesel production using Waste Vegetable Oil
  1. Quality control
  1. Reaction Kinetics
  1. Tests on passenger vehicle using biodiesel blends
  1. Peak-shaving generations using Biodiesel
  1. Jatropha Curcas L. as an energy crop
  1. Perspectives of large-scale biodiesel production in Mexico
  1. Emissions

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Perspectives of large-scale biodiesel production in Mexico

We present a summary of the result of a feasibility study for biodiesel use in Mexico, financed by the German agency for technical cooperation (GTZ), performed in collaboration with the Institute for Energy and the Enviroment based in Leipzing Germany.


Structure of the GTZ biodiesel study

This study was delivered to Mexico´s Secretary of Energy. As part of the study four round table stakeholders meetings were organized with the objective of incorporating suggestions of most relevant actors.

  Biodiesel reference concepts studies

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